Directing Videos

"It Was the Nightingale: Persephone's Play"


A feminist retelling of the Hades/Persephone myth

Written by Anna Miles, performed at Northwestern University

"Daddy Long Legs: The Musical"

Book and Lyrics by John Caird,  Music by Paul Gordon

Starring Melissa Dunham and John Shartzer

Musical Direction by Cassandra Murphy


Performed at the Two Roads Theater in Studio City, CA


Full Version

"Think of Me, Fred Weasley"

Written and Directed by Anna Miles

Based on the real high school and junior high journals of Anna Miles and Melissa Dunham

Starring Anna Miles and Melissa Dunham

Featuring Mazie Rudolph on piano


"Sister Play"


A semi-feminist retelling of the Orestia


Directed by Anna Miles, Written by Griffin Sharps, and Starring Ashley Butler, performed with Brown/Trinity's "Romp of Otters"