Born and raised in the state capital, Anna has finally been drawn back to the Golden State, where she writes, directs and creates innovative and collaborative feminist theater, and also plays a child at Disneyland. The theater bug bit her at birth, and the first symptoms appeared when she was only three and declared to her parents that she wanted to be an "address" when she grew up. After seeing "The Phantom of the Opera" at age four and playing the title role in a production of "Snoopy" at age seven, Anna was officially hooked, and never looked back. In high school she worked extensively with the Sacramento Theatre Company, who gave her the opportunity to study theatre in Greece, where she discovered her love of Greek plays and Greek mythology. In college, while studying at Northwestern University, Anna developed the skills and passion necessary to develop her own theatre work, and took advantage of the theatre program's liberal arts structure to work extensively on her playwrighting and creative nonfiction writing as well as her performing. Finally, while earning her MFA at Brown/Trinity, Anna focused on her acting in a conservatory setting. Anna believes that theatre and the arts can change the world, and she is putting her training and passion to good use trying to make the world a better place. When Anna isn't trying to change the world, you can find her cuddling with her two cats, Milly and Leo, and embroidering bohemian inspired designs onto decorative pillows.